Medical services, including physical therapy, have been deemed “Essential” services by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, which Governor Mills referenced in her most recent Executive Order on March 24. Therefore, OPTA plans to remain open as long as our patients need our services.

At OPTA, we see one patient at a time, unlike some other PT clinics, therefore, the risk of coming into contact with another infected person is minimized. We are thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces and equipment between every patient according to CDC guidelines. Additionally, in our efforts to keep everyone safe and “flatten the curve”, we ask every patient about their potential exposure to COVID-19 and if they are experiencing any of the symptoms of the disease. We measure the body temperature on the forehead utilizing an infrared thermometer on every patient and our staff every day so we can spot any early signs that may otherwise be undetectable. Lastly, we will close at the first sign our staff have been exposed or are infected.

We recognize that physical therapy may not be “essential” for all our patients - particularly in situations where the patient is at greater risk of harm if they were to be infected with COVID-19. In those cases, we can provide a “telehealth” visit for patients who don’t want to come into the office but need advice on how change an exercise program to better manage pain or progress activities when there has been improvement.

If you or someone you know is experiencing pain or has recently had surgery, or needs physical therapy for any other reason, an onsite or a telehealth visit may be medically necessary. Please contact us to discuss how we can best meet your physical therapy needs.

In summary, we at OPTA are here to meet the needs of our patients while also implementing best practices to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure and infection. We hope this will give comfort to the patients we serve who might need our services during this challenging time.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. We look forward to safely serving you!

Kenneth Simons, PT, DPT, MS, OCS
CEO, Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Associates, Inc.

OPTA offers physical therapy, fitness and injury prevention services to individuals of all ages. When injuries, disease, pain or even just the normal aging process interferes with your ability to stay healthy and active, OPTA can help. We are experts at diagnosing and treating dysfunctions that cause or contribute to pain and disability.

Our staff have the highest qualifications available in the physical therapy profession, including Board Certification in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and residency/fellowship training in manual therapy.

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