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Thanks for helping me heal. I couldn't do it without you.

- T.S. Acton, M.E.

I first came to Kenneth Simons at OPTA in 2005 with shoulder and neck pain. My life of an active 50+ year old became limited, even driving became painful and almost impossible for I could not turn my neck side to side without causing pain. I had already been in therapy with another physical therapist, although I was dutiful and diligent with the therapy, there was not improvement or relief.

After hearing many good reports about Ken Simons at OPTA I decided to give therapy another chance. At OPTA, as Ken Simons, was evaluating my condition I felt comfortable, relaxed and much inner peace. I knew at this first meeting that professionally I was in good hands. In a matter of months relief came. Today at 60+ in 2009 I am free of neck and shoulder pain and I do have an active and good quality of life. No medications were taken at my time with OPTA, and I still am not taking any medications.

So in 2009 when I was diagnosed with Plantar Fascitits, once again I needed therapy. No doubt no hesitation that I would once again get excellent and professional care. Even if OPTA Sanford had no longer been in Sanford I would have not hesitated to travel to his Scarborough office.

I view the staff at OPTA as being very caring and highly competent. Their goal is to get you well and relieved from pain.

- Rejeanne Morin Sanford, M.E.


The conclusion of your care and the other was this. At the other therapy I received no hands on. In other words they never massaged or stretched my neck or shoulder. I would go there they put hot packs on my shoulder, and then put me on a machine with wires that gave me relieve, for the moment in treatment. You on the other hand stretched and actually worked on me hands on. So you and stiff and my working on the stretches at home, this is why your treatment and theirs did not work. Can you believe it! Amazing isn't it that people are still in pain for lack of improper treatment. Thank you so much.

- Rejeanne Sanford, M.E.

July 29, 2009

Dear Gwen and Ken,

I have been participating in the Fitness Program OPTA for one week. In that short time, I have been evaluated and had a program of exercise designed to fit my individual physical needs. The program is just what I have been looking for: professional instructors, a friendly and informal environment and careful monitoring. I feel you have set up a program that doesn't overwhelm me or cause me to get discouraged. I look forward to each visit and enjoy the comradery among the staff and other members of the FITNESS Program.

I look forward to meeting the challenges of getting fit and strengthening my balance in the FITNESS Program.


- MS, Scarborough

Dear Ken Simons and the OPTA community,

Thank you for the financial support you have given me to attend that National Youth Leadership Forum on medicine. I'm eager to learn more about the medical field, and what I can do to help people.


- LR, Scarborough

Thank you for your support of KVCC's PTA students!

  • Thank you for your presentation.
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  • Thank you for your time! A very interactive presentation.
  • Thanks so much!
  • Thank you!

There are times when a simple "thank you" just isn't enough.

Dear. Coach Simons,

Thank you for a great season. I learned a lot from you on and off ice.

Thanks again,

- #3, Scarborough

I will miss you! Thank you for everything you have done for me.

- JB, Sanford, ME